This submodule contains dedicated support for seismic subformats of the HDF5 file format.

Additional Functions

asdf_waux(fname, path, X)

Write X to AuxiliaryData/path in file fname. If an object already exists at AuxiliaryData/path, it will be deleted and overwritten with X.


Read QuakeXML (qml) from ASDF file(s) matching file string pattern fpat. Returns:

  • H, Array{SeisHdr,1}
  • R, Array{SeisSrc,1}
asdf_wqml(fname, H, R[, keywords])
asdf_wqml(fname, EV[, keywords])

Write to ASDF “QuakeML ” group in file fname. In the above function calls, H can be a SeisHdr or Array{SeisHdr, 1}; R can be a SeisSource or Array{SeisSource, 1}; EV can be a SeisEvent or Array{SeisEvent, 1}.

Supported Keywords

KW Type Default Meaning
ovr Bool false Overwrite data in existing traces?
v Integer 0 verbosity
read_asdf_evt(filestr, event_id[, keywords])
read_asdf_evt(filestr[, keywords])

Read data in seismic HDF5 format with ids matching event_id from files matching pattern filestr. Returns an array of SeisEvent structures. With only one input argument, all event IDs are read.


  • msr: (Bool) read full (MultiStageResp) instrument response?
  • v: (Integer) verbosity level
scan_hdf5(hdf, level="trace")

Scan HDF5 archive h5file and return station names with waveform data contained therein as a list of strings formatted “nn.sssss” (network.station).

Set level=”trace” to return channel names with waveform data as a list of strings formatted “nn.sssss.ll.ccc” (