HDF5 Files

Of the increasingly popular HDF5-based formats for geophysical data, only ASDF is supported at present. Support for other (sub)formats is planned.

S = read_hdf5(fname::String, s::TimeSpec, t::TimeSpec, [, KWs])
read_hdf5!(S::GphysData, fname::String, s::TimeSpec, t::TimeSpec, [, KWs])
Read data in seismic HDF5 file format from file fname into S.

Keyword arguments; see also SeisIO standard KWs or type ?SeisIO.KW.

This has one fundamental design difference from read_data: HDF5 archives are assumed to be large files with data from multiple channels; they are scanned selectively for data of interest to read, rather than read into memory in their entirety.

Supported Keywords

KW Type Default Meaning
id String ...*” id pattern, formated nn.sss.ll.ccc
      (net.sta.loc.cha); FDSN-style wildcards (a)
msr Bool true read full (MultiStageResp) instrument resp?
v Integer 0 verbosity

(a) A question mark (‘?’) is a wildcard for a single character (exactly one); an asterisk (‘*’) is a wildcard for zero or more characters.

Writing to HDF5 volumes is supported through write_hdf5, described in Writing to File.