Metadata Files

read_meta!(S, fmt::String, filepat [, KWs])
S = read_meta(fmt::String, filepat [, KWs])
Read metadata in file format fmt matching file pattern filestr into S.

Lowercase string describing the file format. See below.

Read files with names matching pattern filepat. Supports wildcards.

Keyword arguments; see also SeisIO standard KWs or type ?SeisIO.KW.

Supported File Formats

File Format String
Dataless SEED dataless
FDSN Station XML sxml
SACPZ sacpz

Warning: Dataless SEED, SACPZ, and RESP files must be Unix text files; DOS text files, whose lines end in “\r\n”, will not read properly. Convert with dos2unix or equivalent Windows Powershell commands.

Supported Keywords

KW Used By Type Default Meaning
memmap all Bool false use Mmap.mmap to buffer file?
msr sxml Bool false read full MultiStageResp?
s all TimeSpec   Start time
t all TimeSpec   Termination (end) time
units resp Bool false fill in MultiStageResp units?
v all Integer 0 verbosity

Note: mmap=true improves read speed for ASCII formats but requires caution. Julia language handling of SIGBUS/SIGSEGV and associated risks is unknown and undocumented.